On the 19th of August,2021 LearnDeck began a community development initiative in partnership with the Hope Alive Initiative to train up to 500 learners in Ile-Ife and equip them with employability skills.

Residents of Ile-Ife were present to learn the following skills: Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Microsoft Office Tools, Make-up Artistry and Formulation of skincare products.

It’s not shocking news that delivering lectures, classes and training online is like the new normal, considering that a lot of countries around the world are still just coming out of Lockdown and observing Covid-19 social distancing protocols.

Online teaching became very sort after during and after the pandemic, with…

At every stage in our lives, We find ourselves still learning.

Education is the bedrock of every society and clearly put, it has become a necessity for almost everyone to be educated. By Education, I mean the simplest process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits.

The global market for higher education has developed…

One of the benefits of hosting your course on an LMS is having your own personalized link which you can input on any platform, and your audience can visit your course home page directly. Unlike having to struggle with all other trainers on the same link to get learners attention.

Most times we often limit marketing courses to just using sponsored adverts online. In most cases, when creators rely only on this means it doesn’t always convert leads.

We have put together our top 5 list of methods you can convert leads for your courses

Email courses

People naturally gravitate to anything…


We are a flexible cloud-based LMS that is on a mission to make knowledge and skill acquisition easily accessible to all.

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